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We’ve spent quality years helping affiliate marketers and small businesses into corporations through contents and SEO. We strongly believe that through our digital strategies, top-notch campaigns, quality contents and SEO skills, we can help to kindle your online visibility.

We are more concerned about your satisfaction, and we can assure you we will always strive to offer the best as we’ve got outstanding results with ranking websites in all types of niches.

We know how essential contents are to getting the traffic or lead you desire. We understand how difficult it is to get experienced writers to write quality contents. We can assure you of getting Unspun, Unique, plagiarism-free, engaging and SEO optimized contents. We guess that is what you are looking for, right? If yes.

You are just in the right place, and we can tell you we are proud of our achievements and now is not the time for us to stop the good work. We look forward to doing business with you.

Passionate Writers

We have experienced team of writers who work diligently and meticulously to meet with your demands. To them, writing is a passion, and that has always been the fuel to drive them to offer the best rather than focusing on the money..


Contents produced from us are birth by comprehensive research and reviews and we can always assure you that they are well optimized to help you rank easily and also enhance your SERP movement.


We are not rigid when it comes to work. We are open to correction and always ready to do all that is required to satisfy our clients. We can assure you of smooth communication and we expect you to provide all that is needed to get your work done.


We do not joke with our work. We are diligent and devoted at what we do. We derive joy in seeing our contents in first position on google search engine for any query than the money we get from the services we render. We need money too though. Smiles. .


This is one of the reasons we keep having returning customers. We do not make commitment and go to sleep. When we do, we go with full speed to keep to our promises. We love to meet with deadlines and if we can’t, we communicate that to our client.


Obviously, our services are one of the cheapest you will ever find online. We try to fill the gap between those who have the resources and those on a low budget by beating down the price to ensure we bring smile to your face.


We are here to offer you the best content solution you’ve been looking for. We are true to our words and you can only get the best from us. We are the best at offering contents in all kind of niches.


per word. Min. Order 500 words

Informational Content

  • Professional Wordcraft
  • Quick Proofread
  • 48 Hour Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Standard Support


PER WORD. MIn. Order 1000 words

Commercial Content {MONEY CONTENT}

  • Executive Wordcraft
  • Expert Proofread
  • 48 Hours Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Top-Notch Support


Bulk Order

  • As Per Preference
  • Expert Proofread
  • Negotiated Deadlines
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • On-Demand Support


Let us grow your business online

How will you feel, if your customers find you easily online for any search query related to your business? Well, it is not about how you feel but the revenue you get from the organic result. At Jumbod, we have all that it takes to drive results for your business and brand. We will take your brand or business to the first position in google search result. You will be amazed by the way you will dominate search query results in your niche.

Website re-design and manitenance

If you are looking for the best platform to scale your blog? Jumbod marketing is the right place to be. We offer nothing but the best scalable contents for small and big businesses. We are vast with creating content strategy, conducting keyword research, managing your blog, developing and re-designing all kind of websites. Let’s help you build your website or re-design it.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Do you know the reason most marketers and small business owners want to get their content on first page in google search query result? The reason is because only few people go through to the second page on google search query result to find solution. That simply means you need to get to the first page on google for any search result to get great online awareness, leads, and traffics that will lead to sales. How then can you get to the first page with lot of competition out there? This is where Jumbod marketing comes in. We are vast with search engine optimization for both on-page and off-page to get you to the first position on google for any search query you desire. We are not bragging; we are just the best you can ever find online offering this service. We do lots of things to ensure we get you to your desired position through site auditing, keyword research, competitors’ analysis, contents analysis, optimizing your contents and quality backlinks. You are free to contact us for clarity on what we can offer you.

Video Marketing

Do you know that blogs or businesses with videos can increase search results by up to 80%? Brands need a video marketing strategy. Obviously, this idea isn't new. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel. Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It's central to your outreach and campaign efforts … especially your social strategy. We have a team of quality cinematographer that can skillfully help you in creating short videos that will help your brand, business and site go viral. With video, you can reach out to millions of people and get good number of customers you desire. We have flexible strategy to make everything works out well for you and we will be glad to hear from you.

Amazon Niche Site

If you are interested in amazon niche site, Jumbod is the right place to get your contents and some other services. We don’t just create niche sites for others we own ours too and they are doing great. So, we are not just helping others, we are also doing great things for ourselves. One of our greatest achievement thus far is creating niche site for a client, writing all the contents and the site makes over $1500 monthly and was later sold for $33,000 after 18 months. We have more overwhelming testimonies too. We have some sites that makes $2000, $7000, $500, $3500 monthly. We can create the niche sites using WordPress. We offer the best on this section such as research on niches, research on keyword mostly on low competition using keyword golden ratio method, offering informational and money contents, competitors’ analysis, On-page optimization and off-page optimization. We will be glad to hear from you if you are interested to do business with us.

Affliate Content

We have garnered experience on different niches for over 8 years with lots of amazing results to our belt. We know how to make google happy and get your visitors engaged with contents. We can always assure you of great quality contents that will rank, drive traffics and bring you sales. We don’t just write articles; we own niche sites too and they are doing great. Our joy and satisfaction always come from seeing our contents on first position of any google search query on google. We are proud today because we are doing great work on that. One of our great achievement is starting a niche site from the scratch and it scoops in over $1500 monthly and we helped the owner sell at $33,000 after 18 months. We are just the best at what we do.


Choose a plan

We offer all kind of contents – informational, blog post, product reviews, comparison content, press release, story book, and many more. Just choose the content plan you want and reach out to us.

Send us your brief

After choosing your content plan, you should reach out to us with all the information needed to start your project without delay such as the keywords, the numbers of articles, topics, word count, and format.

Get your package

Once we’ve been able to confirm your order and you’ve made your payment after we’ve had agreement through our conversation, our writers and editors can go ahead with the work immediately. After we are through with your work, we will send your complete project to your inbox.

Frequently asked questions

Your keywords are safe with us. We have a niche site portfolio which helps us to manage keywords of different client and we have never revealed anyone’s keyword and now is not the time to start. With us, you are safe.

During the discussion with us, we will notify you about the turn around time for your order. We are strict and hate to disappoint which is why we will give you a visible duration of when you should expect your order delivery.

As soon as you place your order, our team will keep in touch with you. Generally, you have to provide the Topic or Title, Keyword(s) to include, and your Word Count budget for informative articles. Concerning review articles; Keywords, Product Links, Word Count budget, preferred Format (if you have any), and additional instructions will be more than enough. 


Once we have an agreement on your order, we will send you an invoice on how to pay either through Paypal or Payoneer or bitcoin. Thereafter, my amiable writers can get to work on your order.

Nope. The team works really hard on projects, and the prices are already too reasonable to afford discounts. We don’t give out coupons, even in rare occasions.

Our service is designed for affiliate marketers, niche website owners, bloggers and local businesses who are looking to scale their content efforts. We specialize in creating the following types of content:

Outreach Content that can be used for guest posting and any white outreach efforts where you need to place content on external sites. It can even be used for PBN content.

Informational Content that can be used to diversify the ratio of money content pages from non-money content pages. This content is also great for targeting long tail keywords and for internal links.

Commercial Content that is used to generate affiliate income or leads. For example, Best of Reviews, Comparison Reviews (X vs. Y) and Individual Reviews.

Our writers are trained to produce quality articles that are well structured, enjoyable to read, well optimized for search traffic and convert.

Yes. As long as the total word count for all the articles you choose does not exceed the total word count of your order. E.g. If you buy a 10,000 word article bundle, you may break this into 2 X 2,000 word articles, 5 X 1,000 word articles, and 2 X 500 word articles.

No, this is not included in the service.

es we can. Our writers are trained to use WordPress and SEO by Yoast. But it attracts extra charges

We want to make sure we manage your expectations in terms of the type of content we produce. Our promise is to produce good quality content, that is well researched, properly structured for engagement and conversions, and optimized for readability and search ranking.

However, our writers are not subject experts. Our writers are great at researching a topic area and synthesizing the information into quality article. If you are looking for deep subject expertise we would recommend sourcing a subject expert freelancer.

If in doubt about whether our service is right for you, feel free to Chat us.

What our clients say

❝ JumbodMarketing is the best place to be for all your content projects. I was referred by a guy i met on a niche site group on Facebook and i wasn't disappointed. Highly recommend.❞​
Donny Minchillo
Affiliate Marketer
❝ JumbodMarketing service is top-notch. Contents delivered for the company website blog and those for guest-post were amazing. Highly recommend.❞
Luxuryproperty Dubai Project manager
❝ A very professional writing service. Contents were perfect for my niche site. I've been ordering for months, and I've never been disappointed. I love the level of communication and flexibility to satisfy customers. ❞
SH Sumon
Owner/Chief Photographer at Reflect Photography
❝ Jumbodmarketing was in charge of my niche site content projects and some other SEO work and i must confess i was surprised with the result. I was earning $1500 monthly on the niche site and the site was sold for $33,000 after 18 months with the help of Jumbod I currently have three sites all under the supervision of Jumbod.❞
Zebon Hasan
Niche site Builder and Affiliate Marketer


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We provide all kind of contents to helps affiliate marketers and small business owners get the lead they desire through organic ranking. 

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